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USAA Debt Forgiveness

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Re: USAA Debt Forgiveness

Wow this is wonderful news. Kudos to you. It’s always nice to get a second chance. 

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Re: USAA Debt Forgiveness

@Medic981 wrote:

Here is an update to my post yesterday.


I am back in with USAA. I called and was able to get auto insurance with USAA at about a $450 a year savings over my current provider. I was not able to obtain renter's insurance due to my account being flagged. I was informed that I needed to speak with "banking" which was code for the "charge offs" department.


As my pulse quickened and my mind filled with dread, I stayed on the phone while I was transferred to the "banking" department. This is a conversation that I never wanted to have but decided I need to but my big boy pants on and do it.


Spoke with James, who looked at my account, said everything was zeroed out however the flag was never removed. James told me I am good to go, USAA has forgiven my past transgressions and I may go forth and credit sin no more. He advised me to wait 24-48 hours for the flag to be removed and I should be able to apply for financial products. 


What a relief. I will wait until Monday and call about the renter's insurance. 


I am curious as to when I do apply for a credit card what my SL might be? I am in the garden so as for now I will just have to wonder. It is nice knowing that USAA has forgiven me and they are now another option in my financial arsenal. 




Fantastic !

Like I posted awhile back in this thread I believe they gave me a debt forgiveness also.

With my scores in the 740-750 range I was approved for 5k for their AMEX.

But I had quite a few recent trade lines 6-7 in the last few months.

My guess is your scores are good enough to pull a decent SCL.


Once again congrats.


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Re: USAA Debt Forgiveness

I just wanted to update this thread.


With great trepidation, I applied and was approved for both a USAA checking and savings account today. I was approved instantly. Perhaps I have been forgiven. At least I am back in with the banking side of USAA. Who knows, perhaps I will get a preapproved offer in the future. I am not going to apply for any credit cards until I below 5/24 and can apply for my coveted Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Priority Visa Signature. 





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