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USAA Senior Bonus

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USAA Senior Bonus

Mods - if this should be moved, please move it and let me know where it goes!


USAA offers a senior bonus if you have been a member with them (with an insurance product) for 40+ years.  A senior bonus is 10% of your subscriber balance returned to you, tax free.  According to their records, I meet that requirement and am eligible for the senior bonus.


My records show I became a member (my own policy) in fall 1975.  They say spring 1976.  Ok, whatever.  


Doing their math, 1976 + 40 years --> eligible spring 2016.  Senior bonus (which is different from subscriber account) was paid out in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.  USAA gives the bonus as a discount credit on the auto insurance policy for the next renewal period.  OR, if you ask them to, they will direct deposit it to your USAA bank account.


So far, I haven't seen a credit or a penny.  Different USAA customer reps have different responses that range from "I don't know what you're talking about!" to "Yes, you are eligible for a bonus and yes we are giving those out this want it in your bank account ending with xxxx?"  Been asking for several years.


Has anyone received a senior bonus from USAA?


Does anyone have a specific contact/ext number to reach to get answers?  


It has been so frusterating to receive an email and a letter from USAA saying the senior bonus is coming or has been applied....and not see it and not be able to find out what happened to it!  According to the last "statement" from USAA, the senior bonus was more than a $1,000.  So it's not chump change that's missing...x4.


I found an internet post that stated someone did receive their senior bonus on 02/18/2020.  Not here. Smiley Sad



Has anyone seen the insurance premiums USAA is claiming to refund through a credit on the auto insurance policy?  

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Re: USAA Senior Bonus

Maybe they're just confused about the verbiage used. I would call them and ask them where your annual distribution from your subscriber savings account is.

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Re: USAA Senior Bonus

I think that has been tried.  


Any suggestions on asking for the past senior bonuses?  


I'll post updates on here.

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