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USAA membership

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USAA & it's new (lax) policy for membership

I haven't seen it talked about and that may be because it just happened as recently as December(?) when they had a CEO change, but USAA has significantly changed their polices on how they respond to your membership and what products are available to you.


It used to be based on tiers, tier 1 having USAA products other than insurance and tier 2 having or had insurance in the past. Tier 1 couldn't sponsor anyone for membership, tier 2 could however sponsor sons and daughters as well as spouses.


Now however it seems tier 1 can sponsor sons, daughters and spouses without having had insurance with USAA ever. Then that son/daughter can immediately sponsor someone else. Once you're in, you can also apply for every product offered.


I spoke to a CSR on the phone for awhile asking about it and getting them to clarify everything. I candidly told them how I got in and explained the link. My veteran father in law joined, he added his daughter (my wife) and then she added me. I asked if that was kosher, because me getting a quote for car insurance and then finding out I violated some terms of service and it causing a problem down the road wasn't for me. He explained thoroughly it was all above board.


I thought I should share my experience in case anyone else sees an opportunity for themselves now. As USAA has changed their policy in the past and then eventually reversed it later down the road. So if you want in and you have someone that's tier 1 and can sponsor you, this is the time.

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Re: USAA & it's new (lax) policy for membership

Thank you for sharing the data points!

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Re: USAA membership

"You should get USAA because they are great", Your Officer said. 
Yes. They are. For him, but not you. 
USAA treats Enlisted members (E1-E6) and Family members very differently than Officers and Senior enlisted. 
You can see the distinction in the Casualty Company assigned to your account, with GIC(enlisted) having slightly better rates than CIC(family members). 
Officers and Senior Enlisted get the best rates plus an annual paid dividend (or contribution to their SSA Subscription Account). 
All USAA customers are members, but only Officers get paid dividends. 
Just one more special arrangement your Leadership set up for themselves, and you get to take this one with you when you get out. 
Or you can dump USAA for a company that won't treat you like a second-class citizen for the rest of your life. 

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Re: USAA membership

I've read that before.


There's better banks, but they do have some nice products.


I won't do my banking with them and I get better rates with other insurance providers and they have a slew of bad reviews for their auto insurance for ppl that actually made claims.


I wanted the Rewards Plus American Express CC for the 5% on gas.


Got it. I'm satisfied. Will keep banking with Navy though.

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Re: USAA membership

There’s always Ducks and Fort Knox.
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Re: USAA membership

@Birdman7 wrote:
There’s always Ducks and Fort Knox.

They (Fort Knox) have the better gas card too, they don't cap you out after 3k.

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Re: USAA membership

I don’t think Ducks is capped either.
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Re: USAA membership

That’s why I didn’t mention Sam’s because it caps out.
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Re: USAA membership

USAA's checking accounts "rock" in my book!


Direct deposits- credit a day early
No monthly service fee
You can link your credit card to your checking for OD protection.
ATM fees reinbursments (to an amount)
ACH push to other FI accounts -24hrs or less
ACH pulls from other FI accounts - credits instantly to USAA
Online Check deposits - Instantly credit
Paying credit cards by USAA checking gets instantly updated


I have auto/home insurance and its cheaper for me but YMMV


There credit cards are not the best (nope no limitless here)
Biggest gripe I have with USAA is they use EX FICO 3.  Smiley Mad    (why, why WHY)          

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