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Verizon Approval with no deposit low score

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Verizon Approval with no deposit low score

Myfico is around 5:50 on Experian I don't know what it is on Equifax, but I know it can't be much higher than that, if any. I also still have some collections to deal with on my credit as well.

Day before yesterday I was approved for two lines along with my phone which was an expensive phone, the other one was free, and a bill to account of $450.

My niece was approved with worse credit than me for 3 Lines and the same BTA.

The only thing I will add as we both had decent payment history on some things. Her and her husband have a vehicle loan with constant payment history and I have two credit cards with good payment history.

I just thought I would update because I was expecting to be required to pay a $400 deposit and it surprised me when this happened.
Experian 585 (5/4/18), Equifax 584 (5/5/18), Transunion 575 (5/8/18).

Currently rebuilding with a Capital One Plantinum Secured since July, 2017 and Quicksilver One since March, 2018, and Credit One since March, 2018.
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