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Wierd us bank checking account approval I think...

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Wierd us bank checking account approval I think...

I just wanted to start a basic check account with us bank since it helps with approvals.
So I fill it all out, and says I wasn't approved for the account...
Moment later I get email with an account#. I called a csr who says even with denial message the fact I got an account number I did indeed get the account...
She went on to say she's the weekend car and Monday I would be in system.
Just a wierd experience.
I don't even care about the account just want to get the credit card but seems a relationship is basically necessary for credit card approvals?
Any similar experience?
I could cold app but haven't heard many success stories
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Re: Wierd us bank checking account approval I think...

It's not necessarily for any of their cards other than Altitude Reserve.
If your profile supports rest of their cards, you do not need depository account.
With that said, if it does not, checking/savings wont ensure you get one.

Right now you have 4 new cards (personal) just from this year, so it's iffy even with checking/savings, unless you're planning on depositing significant amount of money.
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Re: Wierd us bank checking account approval I think...

Agreed.  I am in the process of moving to USBank for my primary banking, from Wells 


I opened a checking but was denied for a CC since I opened 3 items in April.  New car, 2 new CC


i did just get a Saving opened with them as well, 4% MM account.  

will start running direct deposits starting next Monday and will wait for Feb/March 2020 before apping for Loc and CC


they specifically stated recent accounts as the reason for denial of CC ( I called them to recon).  

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Re: Wierd us bank checking account approval I think...

Us bank is just weird in general. I didn’t have an account with them and applied for a cash+ and was approved for $5k. After that I said to myself let me open and account with them. I have been with BofA for years and wasn’t happy with them. Won’t get into reasons.

Went into a US bank branch to open an account and was declined. Lady said I owed them $97 from a past account. I said what?! I’ve never had an account with you guys and if that was the case how would I just get approved for a credit card?? I paid the amount and opened the account after. Like I said weird bank.

So with what happened to you OP It sounds about right for them lol

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