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Your Best Bank Account ??

New Contributor

Your Best Bank Account ??

Do you have any online banks that you all like?  Or a better rec than Chase who is my top contender,     Right now I am looking at the following:


Ally,  AXOS,  Radius Bank, Consumers Credit Union, and Chase.  


If anyone has any pros and cons on the above banks, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Re: Your Best Bank Account ??

I use the bank that has a good enough reputation, good online presence, and the biggest SUBs at the time.  I change it occassionaly chasing the money.  I'm currently using Chase and have been happy with them.  On a side note, they have been opening new branch offices like crazy.

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Re: Your Best Bank Account ??

I've used Chase, USBank, Discover, Amex and WellsFargo for banking at one point or another and they're all more or less the same. A place to hold your money. I like Amex and Chase's customer support teams, but their UI can be a little frustrating to find what I'm looking for. Discover's support lines have been less than stellar but their online UI is super easy to navigate. USBank's website is aesthetically displeasing, and a little confusing to operate but their customer service has been solid. WellsFargo is...WellsFargo. 

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Re: Your Best Bank Account ??



Are you a veteran?

If you provide your state of residence, it may help for suggestions too.

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Re: Your Best Bank Account ??

If you're eligible, NFCU is great. 

US Bank is great too. If you have a 740 or higher TransUnion VantageScore 3 (yes, it's Vantage), you can sign up for their "Because You've Earned It" program which gives you their Gold Checking for free.

I actually didn't have any problems with Chase when I had their Liquid prepaid card, it was the best around with lower fees than any other option and I never had a problem getting my deposits from the state, but I haven't had a proper checking account with them. 

ETA: BYEI requires 730 or higher, not 740. 

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Re: Your Best Bank Account ??

I've gotten in to online banking lately. I use Chime for savings. They have no fees and curently have a 1% APY on savings, which is pretty much the highest savings APY you'll find these days.

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Re: Your Best Bank Account ??

What are you looking for in a bank? What does Bank of America not provide you? (i.e. Why are they just "OK" in your opinion?)

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Re: Your Best Bank Account ??

Don't really understand how US Bank made the best banks as they charge you for ACH aka transfers to other banks and use to nickel a dime a few other things along with outdated technology to say the least.  No bank should charge for checking account eithers which would be one of the criteria for best banks imho.  Although can get it from gold checking either through credit Score being VS or having a CC, it really isnt no strings attached free.  Sorry Us Bank is one of the worse banks I have ever banked with and was with them for 8+ years at one point so have alot of experience with them.  


Have alot of good banking options myself, although all have their strengths and weaknesses.  Keep my money in the highest earning accounts and move it around as needed.  Also such things as early direct deposits are nice from various financial places that give you money up to a few days early is nice to have.  If I had to pick it would be a CU over a big financial bank, but each CU has their strengths/weaknesses

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Re: Your Best Bank Account ??

Well, it depends on what you use your bank account for. I do bank account bonuses regularly so I do alot of ACH transfers, so Penfed is my primary bank - same day (if transfer made early) or next day, and instant credit/availability for pulls from external accounts. And not a bad place to park money, .70% for Premium Savings. DCU is also a good place to park money, 6.17% up to $1k for savings, .50% for checking up to $25k, you have to enroll in 'Earn More'. Marcus is also a good place to park money, .60% and fast ACH transfers, but 5 day hold on pulls and limit of  4 external accounts. I generally avoid big banks like Chase, BoA & Wells, except to hit them for a new account bonus. Smiley Wink

But never go anywhere near Citi Bank.

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Re: Your Best Bank Account ??

The best bank account is a Credit Union. I am happy with NFCU, and head over heels in like with BECU.

My other banks are Chase, Bank of America and Bank of Hawaii. The two credit unions have provided the fastest and largest growth of personal credit by far.

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