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­Łľ▓pectrum and erroneous collection

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­Łľ▓pectrum and erroneous collection

I don't know which forum this belongs in, so hopefully I'm in the right place. I switched from Spectrum last November and I had a small balance. I paid them by phone and thought it was settled. I got a phone call in January from their collections dept requesting payment, they said my last payment didn't go through (not my fault). I paid it...again...and thought it was done. Now in August I get a letter from a collections agency demanding payment. I called ­Łľ▓pectrum and they said I have a $0 balance. I called the collections agency, they told me to send in the bank statement showing it was paid. I submitted the statement and waited. I called them both and they are blaming each other and neither will help me. I have the collection agency threatening to report me to the credit bureaus unless I pay immediately. I refuse to pay it. What can I do? Can I complain somewhere?

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Re: ­Łľ▓pectrum and erroneous collection

File a complaint with the CFPB on both of them, upload your proof of payment.

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