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1 Year into Rebuild. Successes/Disappointments

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1 Year into Rebuild. Successes/Disappointments

This month marks 1 year that I've been working on rebuilding my credit.  With your help I've improved my fico scores around 200pts, new scores in siggy.  I've learned that scores are important but not everything.  Too many inquiries is the devil.  Credit is a marathon not a race.(I'm still working on this part)  Last months showers brought this months flowers.  Despite my vastly improved scores I am currently stuck in toy limit land.  Highest limit is 1k.  I'm actually ok with that for now however.  I was near desperate to get NFCU gorewards card.  After being rejected more times than I want to admit this month they finally approved me!  I am going to sit patiently in the garden and watch my cards grow.  I am determined to watch out for collection accounts as I have learned they can nearly negate all positive activity when your credit is still as young as mine.   I will continue to practice AZEO and see where I take my credit moving forward.  I do have 1 question.  My secured NFCU loan is due to be paid out next month.  It is already down to $15.  I paid it down to 9% after I first got it.  I'm afraid of losing the score benefit of having it but am not sure how opening a new account will affect me either.  I don't think I qualify just yet for an unsecured loan(inquiries) What should I do to maintain the benefit?  

10/17 453-TU, 511-EQ, 544-EX
01/18 560-TU, 574-EQ, 542-EX
04/18 629-TU, 650-EQ, 617-EX 1st goal 600's across the board *goal met 04/1/18
next goal 680's across the board*goal met 09/08/18
10/03/18 718-TU, 727-EQ, 715-EX next goal 750's
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Re: 1 Year into Rebuild. Successes/Disappointments

If you're not looking to apply for something anytime soon, don't worry about it. You can always open another SSL 2 months before an app if you need to. Use that money for something else.

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