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1 left almost there

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1 left almost there


Posted before about what to do with this collection
Thanks I took advice
My last collection reporting on Trans And
I made a payment in Oct. Agreed to 2 payments
Unfortunately I was not able to keep arrangement for 2nd payment.
IN Jan wrote a letter till know no response back
However they did start calln and calln
Guess they got it
I want to no has any 1 dealt with them
And they deleted
I cn pay know
I know this will give me a big score increase
Had 3 collections
Midland and Portfolio recently fell off
And my score went no where
1 to 2 points. Why
Waited so long and financially saved so long to pay was disappointed
So how do i make sure it's deleted
They said lst time they Dnt send letter but verbally stated to delete
Should I call or send letter
They keep reporting and balance
Increases few dollars every month
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Re: 1 left almost there

Just call them, explain the situation, be sure you can pay it in full now, and offer to do so. Ask if they’ll still delete after payment.

Your score only increased a few points from the other two coming off because after they were gone, you still had a derog. Works the same in reverse - the first set of to hit a clean report murders your score. Additional ones do much less damage. The point loss is because any derog exists, not so much how many exist.

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