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1 pt in 2 months

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1 pt in 2 months

So, I couldn't resist and bought my EQ Fico score again.  It's gone up 1 teeny, tiny point since 1 August.  It's a gain so I'll take it.  On a more positive note, I finally subscribed to SW so I got my TU score and it's at 718.  Not bad - Technically gets me in the 700 club!  woohoo!  Unfortunately, my EX cr is more similar to my EQ than TU, so  my middle score is likely still sub-700.  Essentially only one baddie ( reporting on all 3) to work on.  (CO in sep 2010 fm chase).  Previous GW attempts have been unsuccessful but, was it's the only thing holding me back, it's time to barrage them with GW attempts.

Starting FICO 667 (5/2012) EQ
672 (7/2012) EQ. 681 (8/1/12) EQ
Current FICO 682 (10/13/12) EQ; 718 (10/13/12) TU
Goal: 760+ but 700-720 by jan 2013
No new apps tll jul 2013
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Re: 1 pt in 2 months

Sounds like you have a good plan going.  Barrage away!

Starting Score: 504
July 2013 score:
EQ FICO 819, TU08 778, EX "806 lender pull 07/26/2013
Goal Score: All Scores 760+, Newest goal 800+
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Current scores after adding $81K in CLs and 2 new cars since July 2013
EQ:809 TU 777 EX 790 Now it's just garden time!

June 2017 update: All scores over 820, just pure gardening now.
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