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120's showing unchanged...

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120's showing unchanged...

Hi its me again Smiley Happy

I was on a payment plan with Nicor gas and I missed 1 payment--which sent me in a tailspin of depression!  Anyway, recovered after much therapy (here..j/k) and got back on track.  Question is:  I was on a payment plan, missed a payment after making a few, Nicor reported *boom* 120 days late...!  So, while I had my head buried under the covers and kept-on ignoring it, I managed to incur (4) 120 days late on my Nicor in a row.  I have disputed with Transunion that it really should be 30, 60, 90, 120  (I am now paid up and back on track, TG!) to no avail, and called Nicor as well, any suggestions?  When I got that first 120, my score dropped about 100 points, I think, so getting a few changed should help, shouldn't it?


Thanks again!

6/30/08 TU 441 EQ 425 EX 513
8/01/08 TU 499 EQ 488 EX 489
8/23/08 EQ 556
9/04/08 EQ 567
11/14/08 TU 531, EQ 582, EX 509
12/29/08 EQ 620 (yea!) EX 546 TU 555
1/17/2009 TU 568 EQ 620 EX 584, 4/15/09 TU 506, EQ 612
5/24/09 TU 558, EQ 646
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