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18 point hit on Experian - Advice is most welcomed!

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Re: 18 point hit on Experian - Advice is most welcomed!

Good luck with it and let us know what happens.  Don't forget about CareCredit as well... they are a very good option for stuff like this.


I had CareCredit with a $2,800 limit.  I only used it 1x for an annual visit for my dog to keep the card active.  Synchrony canceled it, Chevron, and Mattress Firm all within 3 weeks even though I never was late on any payments, never asked for a CLI, nada. 

The only thing I can figure is that when I maxed out a couple of cards to pay for my Mom's funeral, they saw me as high risk and shut everything down.  CareCredit and Chevron has $0 balances. I'm taking my time on paying Mattress Firm just because I opted to pay the creditors that kept my accounts open during that time.

During this same time, CFNA (Firestone) gave me an unrequested CLI from $1600 to $2400.  I did try to open a CareCredit again a couple of weeks ago and was immediately declined with the only reason being that I had a Synchrony account before.  C'est la vie...

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Re: 18 point hit on Experian - Advice is most welcomed!

Well I hope you come up with a viable solution and are able to get your dental work done.  It really is a gamechanger when it comes to self-esteem.

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