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1st success; advice on next move

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1st success; advice on next move

I got an email today from the OC agreeing to pull my account from collections after they receive the first payment of our agreement. This just happens to be my most recent negative, too!


Next move...I have a department store card with a charge off. I called the OC who said they sold it. The CA is not yet reporting on any of my CRs. I have the contact information. Should I go ahead and contact them before they initiate any actions? Any advice on how to approach them?



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Re: 1st success; advice on next move

The advice people on MyFico have given me in regards to upaid collections is to send them a PFD letter. It's a letter in which we do not admit guilt but offer to pay the debt in return for deletion from the CR. Look up PFD letters in the seach function on here.

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Re: 1st success; advice on next move

Thank you, mAndrew. The CA isn't reporting it at all so far...I was hoping to address it before it appeared.

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