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2 questions about CashCall

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2 questions about CashCall

I know, I am kicking myself in the rear, however, back in October, I took out a cashcall loan.  My questions are

1.  Has anyone had any luck settling with them?  I really want to pay it off, but it states I owe over 3.5k and the original loan was for 2.5k.  I have been writing them every single day with no response whatsoever.


2.  I read last night on a different forum that it is illegal for them to post to your credit report because of NY's banking law and they are actually commiting a felony by the interst rate.  Has anyone heard of this?  I am going to send over the supporting documentation to EQ and EXP where it is reporting, but was hoping someone else had some luck.


Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: 2 questions about CashCall

When you say original loan was 2.5k...does that include their interest/loan origination fees?


I helped my sister out with PayDayOne...they sold her unpaid loan off to a CA within 30 days, but the balance was for the original agreed to amount.  She settled for 70% and it never appeared anywhere on her credit.



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Re: 2 questions about CashCall

The 2.5K is their fees and what they gave to me.  Interest charges are 139%.

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