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2 succesful deletions through BBB complaint and 2 PFDS

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2 succesful deletions through BBB complaint and 2 PFDS

Hi All,


Just wanted to share my recent successes. I filed two BBB complaints about three weeks ago. One was regarding a collection account with LVNV and the other was with Asset Acceptance. I got responses back from both LVNV and Asset Acceptance that the accounts are now closed and they will be deleted from my credit reports and that they will cease all further collection activity. Both of my disputes were based on the fact that they did not respond to my request for validation of the debt and did not cease collection activity. They basically responded in the letter that they believed these to be valid debts but the documents to support their claims were not readily available at this time and they would therefore delete the accounts. Both of these accounts were from April of 2008.


I also sent to PFD letters, one to California Business Bereau and one to CMRE, both of these were medical bill collections for fairly small amounts. I recieved letters from both about 2 weeks later agreeing to delete the accounts from my credit report for payment in full. I did not try to settle these for less because the amounts due were really small.....($125 and $260).


I was really surprised how quickly the CA's responded to the BBB complaints. I guess they take there BBB ratings seriously.


I also sent a PFD letter to Midland but they just sent a later saying I owe the debt in full and they wil not delete.( Should I continue to insist on a PFD or perhaps pay the debt($331) and then try GW?) 


Hoping to see a good point bump from these deletions. I now just have midland and 2 paid charge offs from First Premier.  From everything I have read on here, seems like ill be stuck with the FP charge offs till they age off in July of 2014, but ill keep trying GW's with them.


One of the First Premier charge offs shows a 0 balance/paid after chargeoff and one shows a balance of $454. Shouldnt charge offs always show a balance of 0? I called First Premier and the charge off account showing a balance of $454 was sold to Arrow Financial in 2008 but the CA has never shown up on my CR nor did I receive any notification from them. If the balance should be reported as $0, is that a good reason to file a dispute with the CB on that charge off?

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Re: 2 succesful deletions through BBB complaint and 2 PFDS

Great job!

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Re: 2 succesful deletions through BBB complaint and 2 PFDS

Congrats on the deletions.


Give Midland a couple more tries at PFD then pay and GW.


The balance should show $0 if paid.  It is a valid reason for dispute.

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Re: 2 succesful deletions through BBB complaint and 2 PFDS

i had 2 accounts with midland and had zero PFD success. I don't know of anyone that has gotten them to PFD as of lately as well. It seems Midland will sometimes let their guard down after the account is paid and not respond to CRA disputes. From what I have read on here, quite a few people have disputed and got it removed because Midland didnt bother to respond.

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