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2023 Rebuilding

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Re: 2023 Rebuilding

Yeah, I don't know if they will approve or deny you through innovis but I did notice when i pulled my report there were alot more creditors on there than I would have orignally thought. I'm wondering if they pull innovis just to compare against one of your big 3 reports especially since most poeple don't know about it and therefore tend not to dispute it. 

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Re: 2023 Rebuilding

@FireMedic1 wrote:

@drewricomakeubu wrote:

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Cap1 uses Innovis

In what context? For credit card approval? 

Yep. Discover and US Bank its been said. They dont have a credit score though.Innovis is often referred to as the fourth credit bureau because it collects similar information to the big three credit bureaus. Innovis provides ID verification data to help with fraud detection and prevention, and many businesses use them for pre-screening potential customers. They also collect many pieces of non-traditional credit information like rent payments, magazine subscriptions, and utility bills.


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