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26 point jump?

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26 point jump?

I posted another thread about direct loan lates affecting my husband's score here ... but I did have one other quick question:


Our only other hope for raising his CS the 26 points we need it to re-qualify for our mortgage on the house we're closing on in 2 weeks is the one credit card he has out. He used to have two-- one that was $1000 CL with $1000 high credit, but we paid that off a year ago and he closed it (we didn't realize at the time we probably should have left it open)


The other credit card that is currently active had a limit of $1200. He had a balance of $1243. We paid it down to $120, per our lender's suggestion. We got a letter with this balance and she is going to get a Quickscore Rescore.


If his revolving debt was over 100% utilization and it's now down to 10%, I am praying that this could potentially be enough to boost his score back up to  qualifying (which would be a 26 point increase). Can anyone say if this is wishful thinking or if it might be possibile based on those numbers??

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Re: 26 point jump?

it is possible.

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Re: 26 point jump?

DaveSignal wrote:

it is possible.

+1. Especially if that was the only CC over the limit and/or utilization was listed as a negative factor in your tri-merge report.

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Re: 26 point jump?

This part?


  • Serious Delinquency
  • Number of accounts with Delinquency
  • Proportion of balances to credit limits is too high on bank revolving accounts
  • Too many accounts with balances
  • Number of inquiries impacted score
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Re: 26 point jump?

I'd say you have a very good chance of the 26pt increase. I know just by dropping my util by 25% that I had an instant increase of close to 10pts. So I'm sure dropping it ~90% will provide a nice incease.


Good Luck,



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