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Just wanted to add some good news.  I have been trying to fix my credit / rebuild for a few months.  1 secured card with capital one and 1 account with Fingerhut.  Not huge but better off than I was before.  I was also able to get a newer car 2 months ago!  I added myself to my husbands cap one credit card as an authorized user and I saw  yesterday a 28 pt boost on TU Smiley Very Happy

Starting Score: CK 519 FICO 498
Current Score: 2/26/13 FICO 590 TU FAKO 639
Goal Score: 650

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Re: +28

Nice work! Awesome!

Starting Score: 526 EXP 09/2012 600 FICO 10/2012 608 EX (lenderpull)11/2012
Current Score: 705 FICO TU (10/2014)Take the FICO Fitness Challenge
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