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3 days and 33 points!

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3 days and 33 points!

I joined ScoreWatch 3 days ago so I could start rebuilding my credit so I can purchase a new vehicle later this year and a house in the next 3 years. The economy hit me hard while in college and forced me to miss payments, etc.


Three days ago my score was a 582, quite poor. It was my goal to get to a 620+ by September of this year so I could purchase a new vehicle with the help of a cosigner that has a 700+.


I made some calls over the past three days and received an email about an hour ago from myFico that I had a credit alert. Pleasantly to my surprise my score has already jumped to a 615! 33 points in the past 3 days.


Does anyone know how I can see what exactly caused this jump? I emailed a few companies asking them for deletes but I'm not sure which if any did it or what caused the jump in my score.

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Re: 3 days and 33 points!

Congrats! You should probably join a credit monitoring site that you can pull a new tri report daily. Popular ones on the boards include Eliminate Theft ID MPM( I have this one), others use USAA Credit monitoring, there are others but I'm drawing a blank. Having a daily puller credit monitoring system is very handy when cleaning up your reports because you're able to see your progress. And you don't have to wonder about what changed and lead to your increase or decrease. Myfico updates are great for fico score changes and new items added to your report. But if something gets deleted it doesn't give you that info.
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Re: 3 days and 33 points!

Where did you get the scores from?  FICO?  FAKO?   You could have had something deleted or fell off.

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Re: 3 days and 33 points!

I got it from myFico. 

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Re: 3 days and 33 points!

Grats.  Nice gain.  Figuring out what caused a score increase can be next to impossible.  It may be a combination of factors and not one single item.  The best way to try to figure it out is to have access to daily credit reports like USAA or another service and the compare the two reports.  Check things like lates falling off, time since last late, decreases in reported UTIL, etc.  Sometimes, you will just scratch your head and say "oh well at least it went up."

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Re: 3 days and 33 points!


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Re: 3 days and 33 points!

Congrats indeed!


The alert didn't tell you what the source of the change was? They usually do that for me. They won't give details but they say something vague and I can piece it together. 

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Re: 3 days and 33 points!

That's great, Congrats!

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Re: 3 days and 33 points!


The alert just said that a collections was removed, I want to know which collections though.

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Re: 3 days and 33 points!

Congrats!  Way to go!  It's such a great feeling, isn't it?  When you cick to view your alerts, and then you select the Details button, it should show you the old tradeline and then the newly reported information.  Compare this to your pre-dispute report and you should get an idea of what caused the jump  Either way though, congrats on the great progress!! Yay you!! Smiley Happy

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