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30 60 & 90 Day Lates


30 60 & 90 Day Lates

My current FICO score is 706 and I would like to continue to bump it up so I'm hoping to have success with Goodwill Letters to get my current lates removed.   Guidance from the experts will be greatly appreciated.   Here's the good and the bad of my FICO Equifax score.



Current Score:  706

Good:   Credit History - 18 years, low credit card usage (approximately 7% utilization), payments on time recently

Bad:     Collections - 1 acct for $276 - Amsher.  Date of first del 2/2006

             Bad Pymt History

                      BK of America:  30 days late Aug 2008, 60 days late Sept 2008

                      GECRB Sams:    30 days late Feb 2008

                      CBNA/Home Depot:   30  days late July 2008, 60 days late Aug 2008, 90 days late Sept 2008

                      Chase:  30 days late April 2007


I was going through a horrible divorce in 2007 & 2008 and my mail was intercepted so I missed some payments.  No lates since the Sept 2008 occurence noted above.  I currently have a mortgage and 3 revolving cards - Chase Freedom, Barclay and Orchard Bank card


I plan to send Goodwill letters to the CEO's of each of these banks asking for deletion of the tradelines - removing them should not affect my credit history of 18 years.  Hopefully their Problem Resolution team will have pity on me and delete them.   Not sure how to approach AmSher as I've not heard good things about them.  


Any suggestions?  Thanks!



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Re: 30 60 & 90 Day Lates


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Re: 30 60 & 90 Day Lates

You don't want them to delete the TL's just the lates.   Deleting accounts from your CR can lower you AAoA and if the accounts are open, raise your % util.

06/23/2018: FICO 830 EQ 827 TU 824 EX
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