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30 day late question

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30 day late question

On my marvel master card I had auto pay set up for months now I recently changed banks so I had to cancel it and sign back up I didnt read the part about making a one day payment so my payment was late once I saw the email I went and paid off the entire balance is was only 125$ . I called in and talked to someone he reversed the late fee but I was more concerned about the 30 day late on CR he said that it would not report since it was under 60 days late was really only about 6 days late I called into to Make sure lady I spoke to said she had to research it and was mumbling said that it will report as a late 0 days so I'm confused

Anyone ever missed a payment by a few days I know some lenders see a late pop up the close accounts lower limits raise aprs


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Re: 30 day late question

As long as you make the payment fewer than 30 days after the due date, you won't get a "30 day late" mark on your credit report.


As far as how that specific creditor will react to the late payment, they may or may not ding you for higher interest or lower credit limit, but in my experience they usually won't as long as it doesn't become a habit. However, it might affect that bank's likelihood to issue future CLI's or new credit cards. But it won't have any bearing on CLI's or new account with other banks.

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Re: 30 day late question

The big-4 CRAs developed and use as reporting policy a common credit reporting manual titled the Credit Reporting Resource Guide.

That manual clearly sets the standard policy used by the big-4 CRAs that lates are not reportable as 30-late until the period of delinquency has reached at least 30 days from the  billing due date.

Creditors are well aware of that policy, and dont report a late payment until it has reached 30 days after the billing due date.


If you do have a situation where a late payment is reported to a CRA that was brought back into good standing within 29 days after the billing due date, then simply file a dispute with the CRA, and include the billing statement showing the billing due date, and proof of when you paid.

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Re: 30 day late question

30 days late = payment made 30 days after the due date.

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