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30 point jump!!!!

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Re: 30 point jump!!!!

I use the one from Equifax.   I know it's a Fako but I'm using it to keep a running tab on my CR.  I pull mine on Mondays and Tuesdays to note for changes.  They also send me alerts to my cellphone if anything new or changes occur.  Plus I alternate each month pulling my FICO scores from EQ and TU.  

Starting Score: 504
July 2013 score:
EQ FICO 819, TU08 778, EX "806 lender pull 07/26/2013
Goal Score: All Scores 760+, Newest goal 800+
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Current scores after adding $81K in CLs and 2 new cars since July 2013
EQ:809 TU 777 EX 790 Now it's just garden time!

June 2017 update: All scores over 820, just pure gardening now.
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Re: 30 point jump!!!!

could you PM me the link possibly and how much it costs PLEASE!!  Thanks

Starting Score: 506
Current Score: 565
Goal Score: 700

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