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400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)

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Re: 400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)

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Re: 400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)

I would look at ur credit report and perhaps work on the adverse part of it...dispute or settle the bad one...raise it up a bit then perhaps get a secured card from bofa or!

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Re: 400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)

Thank you everyone!


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Re: 400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)

Do you have anyone in your family that would be willing to make you an authorized user on some of their cards with good history? They don't have to give you the physical card. This would help to get some positive tradelines on your report since you now don't have any.

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Re: 400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)


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Re: 400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)

Op are you sure that's your actual score out of 850? I don't know how to put this, but some stores might grade it on their own criteria meaning that the 400 could be out of 600 or something else. when i applied for a bestbuy card it was 1-750 i believe.

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Re: 400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)

I was denied a secured card when I was in the upper 500s-very low 600s

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of the Re: 400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)

Thanks for all of the replies.


As far as being an authorized user, only one person in my entire extended family uses credit cards. She has pretty good credit and I can ask her to put me on. I know she cares about her financial situation so I don't feel like it could potentially hurt me in anyway.


And I'm not sure about the credit score. Credit Karma has my credit score listed at 500.

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Re: of the Re: 400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)

Welcome to the forum!!  I wont laugh, mine wasnt to much above yours when I started rebuilding and I was starting over , just like you.  Then I found the forum and I have came so far but have a ways to go!

Also check to see if theres any way you can become a member of Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU). They offer a Secured card as well.

The one Lexi suggested is also a good one.

Capitol one can deny you with that low of a score, they did my husband with a 536.

Also Check out the Studant Loan Section. For the most part 99.99% of the people here are very nice and very helpful!!


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Re: 400 Credit Score (DON'T LAUGH!)

jadams wrote:

Is it possible to get a secured credit card with a 400 credit score?



I have a lot of credit issues, obviously. I'm new to anything credit. I don't think it's as bad as it seems. I tried to get a Lowe's credit card and was declined. They sent me a letter saying my credit score is 400. I got a free credit report. I had about 14 negative accounts, 0 good accounts. I got 6 of them removed through transunion (will work on the other 2 bureaus soon). At least I think they are removed. Some were tax liens that I had paid and they said they were NOT paid. So transunion wrote me back and said they deleted 3 and updated 3 of my 6 disputes. Honestly it feels like my head is going to explode from all this new info I'm taking in. I'm working hard on fixing my credit.


My biggest problem right now is a $7,000 student loan that I've been paying off and on for the last 5 years (It's now $8,000 with interest and $1,500 collection agency fees). The first student loan is actually 2 accounts (subsidized and ubsubsidized) that I paid and didn't pay. Then there's a tradeline to another company which i paid and then didn't pay. and then again, there's another trade line that I don't think I paid on at all. So a total of 6 accounts all stemmed from that one loan that I didn't pay on. I don't know what to do about this or how get in good standing. I admittedly made some mistakes these last few years but now i'm here, i'm learning, and i'm trying to right my wrongs. I just don't know the steps to take. I think the student loan might even be at another collection agency now (PIONEER).


There's also a cable bill that I didn't pay from 2006. It's gone now but I think there's 2 more tradelines. One collection agency from 2010 and another  from 2011. Can they do that? It doesn't really seem fair to have all these tradelines.


These tradelines are really hurting me. I was laid off and unemployed for a year and a half. I'm just now starting another job. I tried to get a deferrment a year and a half ago on the student loans when i was first laid off and they said no since I was already deliquent on not paying. I'm starting a new job and ready to pay the loan off. I wanted to go back to school next semester but just found out the state won't give me any more money because of my deliquency on paying my loans... and I obviously can't get any more student loans either so now going back to school isn't going to happen for a while.


There's the back history on how someone can get a 400 credit score. I'm ready to start paying my debt and building my credit so hopefully in 3 years I can buy a house. I really need to finish my schooling and get a better degree in the next 3 years also.


I'll probably be posting shortly in the rebuilding credit forum, too.


So my question is, will anyone give me a secured card with a 400 credit score?


Thank you!

I agree this would be better suited for the Rebuilding forums. 


Also, it souns like to me you have a in-house score from GE. I would pull all 3 reports/scores from here. 


IMO you should not be apping for anything and be concentrating your focus on resolving your baddies.

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