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48 pt jump on my Equifax

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48 pt jump on my Equifax

I won my dispute with Equifax... I lost an account (AU) that was 12 years old...but was in debt 12k and was never going to get paid off...




EX 677 (AMEX pull) in May


Now, these scores will dip since the charge I made with Citi isnt posted( used my 3000k limit to pay off a car that was high interest so that I can pay it off at zero interest).... but it will only be for a short while, and ill pay it off by February


I want to thank you all for your help and support. If I had found this site  two months ago, I wouldnt have been foolish and opened a card with Credit One and First Premier... I found you all in time to close these accounts without ever using them. Im still stuck with Orchard Bank, but Im fine with  Chase Freedom and Citi Diamond with their no annual fee.


Im better prepared to get my mortgage thanks to all of you... the AAoA is still a problem, but I wont open a card I dont need for the next two years.




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Re: 48 pt jump on my Equifax

Great news!

Current Score:652 EQ (Beacon 5.0), 647 EX, 647 EQ, 693 TU (USAA CMS), 684 TU (Walmart)
Goal Score:700 across the board

My Wallet: NFCU cashRewards Sig ($14k); Chase SW RR Sig ($6); USAA Cash Rewards MC ($2k); USAA Plat MC ($2k); USAA AMEX ($2k) GE/JC Penney ($4.4k); Chase Freedom ($1.5k); GE/Lowes ($1.8k); GE/Amazon ($1.7k); GE/Walmart ($5k); Cap 1 ($1k); Comenity/LB ($1K); Dillards AMEX ($2.1k)
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