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60 point increase in 5 days...

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Re: 60 point increase in 5 days...

nicholasyud wrote:

Is those charge off with 4 5 years still impact your credit much ? I have two occur in MArch 2008 left unpaid and turn to collection with $ 0 .....? any ideas ?

Charge offs are major derogs, and yes, they will impact your credit for the full 7 years they are able to show on your credit report..


What was the basis of the dispute?



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Re: 60 point increase in 5 days...

most of the charge off that currently with $0 balance and never paid i have no idea if i own this debt or not DOFD march 2008 .

I currently dispute the collection with 1500 that state that not mine account and they not response  my first dispute and after 30days i sent another dispute and they sent me back letter with more information from me ( midland ). How do i have any information about this account when i dont even know anything about this account ? . I also current complaint with BBB,FTC,........hope i can get it done soon.

I also heard after 4 to 5 years the degrogs not going to affect your account much ? Is that true ? And the balance on the degos was $0 ? i dont know i just need to raise my score around 700 and up so i can qualify for some better rate and get some like Discover or Amex.....i hate those card i had right now.....just paid fees fees and fess

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