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605 Experian Credit Score

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605 Experian Credit Score

My credit score from Experian is 605.


I have a few closed accounts where I do not owe.


I have two closed Secured Credit Cards that I owe.


I owe Capital One $656 where the Credit Limit is $590 and that was closed by consumer's request.


I owe Discover Secured $198 and Credit Limit is $200 and was closed by creditor.


I have about 90 Hard Inquiries or could be more than 90.


Even though my score is 605 and I still would not qualify for a regular Credit Card, right?

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Re: 605 Experian Credit Score

I don't mean to be rude but if you have 90 inquiries have u already applied everywhere? You may have to start with the no credit check lenders
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Re: 605 Experian Credit Score

With two closed, maxed out, secure credit cards, I can't imagine why any reputable credit card company would give you an additional card. Heck, I can't even see why a subprime lender would give you one at this point. I'd recommend taking care of your two outstanding debts, while letting some of those inquiries age, before even considering applying for another card. You are just making your situation worse.
Just wandered out of the garden April 16, 2018 to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Intend to take care of this quickly and be back in the dirt before long.
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