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623 & BBB BofA fail... How to move forward?

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623 & BBB BofA fail... How to move forward?

I am trying to get a past BofA account removed.  The account was settled in full back in 2008.  I graciously asked for a goodwill removal, but was denied.  Upon further research I have noticed 6 errors and differences in reporting among the 3 burreaus, so I send a 623 letter spelling out the errors and asked them to remove stating I would report them to the BBB if the refused to act.  After a few rounds and discussions with a girl from the office of the CEO, I was denied.  I have clear evidence based on my credit reports they are reporting different information and the last letter I received they said they will no longer respond to this matter.  How do I move forward in this situation?  Anyone have a recommendation for someone I can hire?

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Re: 623 & BBB BofA fail... How to move forward?

I would go ahead and contact the BBB and my state Attorney General.

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Re: 623 & BBB BofA fail... How to move forward?

Did you dispute this with the CB's? I personally hate BOA. Who did you speak with at BOA?

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