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9 Month Progress Report

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Re: 9 Month Progress Report

@creditbulder28 wrote:

Curious to know...Did you see an increase in your score when your student loans updated from 120+ days late to Pays as agrees. I disputed 4 accounts with Nelnet and they updated my account to Pays as agrees and under comments they reported sold/transfered to government. Thank you for you help!


I honestly don't remember specifically how the change affected my score. However, till this day, none of the lates where ever removed. Just the account status changed. But the lates are a few years old now and are not that much of a hindrance. Earlier this year (2017) I still managed to hit over 700 on all three reports with the lates still on there. 


And even better, when I started this journey, I knew the day was soon coming that I would need a new car. Mine was 14 years old. It came unexpected (minor car wreck- other person's fault) a couple months ago, and I got financed through Honda at 2.49%


To those in middle of rebuilding or just getting started, its well worth the sacrifice to "clean house" and "get it together" 

Started: Jan 2016
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Aug 2019
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Re: 9 Month Progress Report

Please tell me how you got the student loans off?!? I've been trying for like a month. I've disputed them. Please give insight
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Re: 9 Month Progress Report

I was able to get my Kentucky Higher Education and Nelnet Student Loans removed from my Equifax and Transunion credit file. The removal of those accounts increased my score 65-70 points, because of the late payment status. I wrote letters and I printed out the updates from My Fico account, showing each time they investigated the accounts, they were getting inconsistent updates. I based my dispute on the fact if they were properly investigating the results they would have been consistent each time I disputed. Equifax didn't respond to my dispute within the required timeframe by law, so I insisted deletion based on non disclosure. Currently in the process of disputing student loan accounts with Experian. 

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