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9 months into chapter 13

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9 months into chapter 13

Hello good afternoon, my main goal is to buy a house in the near future in my name only.


I bought a house with another Individual back in 2007 later I was abused and decided to walk out or my life was at risk. the Individual left in the house continued to ppay for a year then quit paying I lost contact and got attorneys to file a suit which he never got served. two months after the mortgage not being paid (august 2011)I decided to file chapter 13 per my attorney advise and surrendered the property, and now the house is in the final stages of foreclosure. I Now have a express fasion credit card with a 750 credit limit which remained opened, all of my other credit cards eventually got closed, I also mananged to obtain a secured card with capital one for $490.00 limit wich only use it once or twice a month for less than 3 dollars and pay it off, and also thru a credit union I managed to get a secured loan for $1500.00 for 12 months installments. I have a car loan of  $21000.00 which is included in bankruptcy my bankruptcy is estimated to be done in 18 more months and my plan pays 100%.


Currently my fico score is 598 at quizzle. 


What steps do i need to take to improove my credit now so that i can be in a good position in the future provided I have a stable job? 

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