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9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!

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9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!

God bless myFICO!! What started out as me checking my credit report, and really reading it, has resulted in completing student loan rehab and getting 3 negative items removed (if Sallie Mae will just budge on the other 3), then asking for debt validation and getting 6 items removed, 2 of which were PFD and they just deleted them anyway, and 3 will fall off in February 2012 cuz the DOFD will past 7 years! Unfortunately it looks like Sallie Mae and LVNV are sticking so I will have to suck it up. But I started at 21 negative items, and I'm down to 12! Which is still bad, yes, but much better than where I was 2 months ago. My TU score went from 575 to 629! This is the most progress I've made in the 5 years I've been dealing with my debt. I couldn't have done any of it without this forum! Thank you!

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Re: 9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!

That's good news but you had to do all the hard work!




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Re: 9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!



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Re: 9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!

Congratulations!  That is great, I hope you continue getting the negatives to go away!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: 9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!

Congrats!!! Keep up the hard work!!
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Re: 9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!

Post split off to form a new thread on the Product Feedback board.

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Re: 9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!


that's awesome! ^^ congrats! how'd you do it? thru GW letters (mail) or e-mail? I'm trying to figure out which method is more effective.


I've got five baddies that are "charge-offs" one that is currently being paid under collection, and three that are medical ones.


Thanks for the advice!

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Re: 9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!

Well I started with requests to verify the debt. The ones that I'm guessing could not be verified just got deleted. I sent out some PFDs as well, 2 were automatically deleted before I ever heard back from anyone as to whether they would accept the offer or not. So I'm guessing they could not be verified as well. One I actually did a pay for delete and got the letter in the mail saying that it was deleted from all 3 reports. So I would start with debt verification letters. Then PFDs. And then the GWs. I haven't had any luck with the GWs but I'm going to keep sending them. It's mainly with Sallie Mae. They are refusing to delete any negative information. And an auto loan I co-signed for my sister that had one 30 day late payment on it. That loan was paid off 2 years ago, and it was never my responsibility so I'm hoping they will cut me some slack. Most of my debt is at least 5 years old (financial hardship due to a death in the family) so I'm guessing that the old debt that's been transfered or sold so many times is harder to verify. Lots of luck to you!!

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Re: 9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!

Also forgot to mention everything has just been through regular mail. I've heard some people doing it through e-mail, but I don't trust it.

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Re: 9 negative items removed in 2 months!!!


oh I see! sounds like you got some luck with those DV letters. I paid some collections thru the phone towards the end of last year, which I had NO IDEA that you aren't supposed to do that but at the time I had no knowledge of this. I could have PFD those. Now I'm trying to send the OC of those collections GW letters to try have them removed. My debts are less than 2 years old.
I've recently (been a week) mailed these GW letters but haven't heard anything yet. I did one offer to PFD as well sent with CMRRR, but no word about it yet. All I've been doing now is just sit and wait. There is one civil jugment I would like to have it removed from my CR which it isn't satisfied yet, but I don't know how to go about it. Do I need to hire a lawyer for this? How can I pay for it and have the OC agree to delete it from my CR, it's really hurting my CR and I'll most likely be jobless by next month cause of it as well. Smiley Sad


I hope your GW letters work for you! I do have student loans thru SallieMae, hopefully I won't fall behind on my payments. ahhhh ~

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