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9 point increase on TU

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9 point increase on TU

Just wanted to post an update for anyone who might find this info useful.


I just received a 9 point increase on TU, so now I'm at 660!!Smiley Happy I sent out another batch of GW letters about a week ago and the following have been confirmed as removed.


*Removed 1 late from Dillards credit card (very old from 2006)

*Removed 1 late from Toyota (30 days - 2008)

*Removed 1 late from The Limited (30 days - 2011.


Reasons why I'm excited: This is the first time I've received so much success from one round of GW letters. I was successful on 3 out of 4 letters.

Capital one wouldn't remove my only late payment from 2003. Now that I think about it, isn't that past the date of reporting limitations anyway?


I had success with Toyota on a paid loan. I had 2 late payments from 2008 and they removed 1 of those late payments.


So, those 3 removals got me a 9 point bump. My utilization is high, so I will start focusing on that now.


-Good Luck to everyone.


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Re: 9 point increase on TU

Congrats!!!   And yes that late from 2003 is way past the CRTP.

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Re: 9 point increase on TU

Nice! I just sent out my very first GW letters yesterday, one to chase for a 30/60 day late payments from 2006, acct was settled in full. And the other is for a $70 medical collection I paid in August. Hopefully it does some good! I know it can't do any bad Smiley Happy

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Re: 9 point increase on TU


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Re: 9 point increase on TU



You said Toyota removed 1 of 2.  Out of curiosity, which did they remove, the oldest or the newest? 


Obviously it would best if they removed the newest! Let us know!

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Re: 9 point increase on TU

Congrats Smiley Happy

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Re: 9 point increase on TU

Great Job....It is always a joy to read about GW success

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