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90 day late + 120 day late - mistake?

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90 day late + 120 day late - mistake?

Okay, so here is a screen shot from my Experian report:

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 4.05.45 PM.png

As you can see, Apr is 90 days late, May is 120 days late... but 30 days prior to the 90 day late payment it is "On Time"... is this disputable? 

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Re: 90 day late + 120 day late - mistake?

Sure it’s disputable. What are you trying to accomplish though? Their obligation in reporting is to have accurate info - so all they will do is add the missing 30 and 60 day lates.

I’m assuming the late payments are legit since you make no mention otherwise.
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Re: 90 day late + 120 day late - mistake?

FCRA 611 permits you to dispute the accuracy or completeness of any item of information in your credit file.

Yes, technically, a 90-late must have a prior 30 and 60-late to reflect a complete payment history profile.

Thus, you could choose to dispute the accuracy or completeness of the prior months.


However, it is common practice for creditors to delay reporting of delinquency until it is at some level above 30-late.

Such a dispute is in effect asking that the credtior add additional derogs to the payment history profile, which most consumers dont desire, and thus a dispute is usually not made.......


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Re: 90 day late + 120 day late - mistake?

It may be missing the 30 day and the 60 day late before it went 120 days late. But the 120 day late will stand. Once the 30 day hits the fall off date. They will all fall off as a string from the DoFD of the 30 day late. Which appears as 05/2026.  Sorry bout that.

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Re: 90 day late + 120 day late - mistake?

Was this account a result of identity theft?  Otherwise its not clear what you intend to dispute.  The creditor will simply update your credit file with the missing 30- and 60 day lates.

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Re: 90 day late + 120 day late - mistake?

May I ask what kind of account this is? The only one that I know does this is a federal student loan
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