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A minor win against Macy's!

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A minor win against Macy's!

So I have been disputing with Macy's, they're the ones who I'm going to have the most trouble with them....They keep good records. I noticed there had been a jump in my credit score and I couldn't figure out why. They changed my DOFD to 2007 from 2010. I was shocked!!! Of course, I didn't even have a Macy's card in 2007 that I can remember but I think this is their way of trying to make me go away. With that said, all my CO's will now fall off together in 2015.  I have 3 in all, Macy's is one of them. This also means that since they changed the date it's now within the SOL, not that they would have sued me it's $215. Chump change. I'd gladly pay it off it they'd delete it, but they won't so I will remain bratty. 



It's a minor victory...I will take it....Macy's it notorious for being stubborn


But since they were so "nice" it makes me wonder if I should just leave Macy's alone and not dispute again.  It's not like I'm trying to buy a house or a car or take out student loans (not yet anyways, nor in the year 2015).....Hmm, what do you think? Keep going or don't bite the hand that feeds you?


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