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A word of hope.....

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A word of hope.....

As the holiday season approaches us, let's stop from time-to-time and remember why we are here. All of us are in this boat for one reason or another, whether it be for our own stupid actions, the actions of someone else or just life complications in general.


I started my journey on September 18th, 2012. My score dipped down to a 511 a few days later and since then, I have been on an upward trek where my score now sits at 593 (EQ) and 619 (TU). That's right, 82 point increase (EQ) in 2 months time. You're wondering how I did it, right?


I started by paying/settling my CO accounts. I only had 2 but they made my utilization appear to be 106%. I then DV'ed a couple of CA's and they were removed. I followed that up with paying quite a few CA's and GW'ing them to get them removed. After that was done, I opened my first CC in 5 years. It's a secured CC from Navy Federal. I am also an AU on my spouses Cap1 Platinum.


Right now, I have 2 CA's left and this time next month, I'll be retreating into a room here at work, armed with my debit card and the mindset that I'll offer a PFD for these. I've sent the first batch of GW's out to Cap1, HSBC and First Premier in hopes that see pitty on me. It'll be an end to my credit troubles, forever. It'll be nice to say "I don't have an CA's reporting anymore..../fistpump!!!!"


In closing, I know first hand how frustrating this gets (I've got the emails from PRA to prove it). It appears sometimes that you work, work, work and nothing comes from it and when you are at your lowest, you get a surprise from with a score alert. This has happened to me several times over the last couple of months. Keep your head up and never give up the good fight. Things do get better.


Enjoy your time with your families this week.




Scores: about 700 across the board
Total CL: $275k
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Re: A word of hope.....

Wow.. nice work. Keep it up, congrats!

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Re: A word of hope.....

Congrats! Reading your journey is truly inspiring.

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Re: A word of hope.....

Husker is speechless

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Re: A word of hope.....

CollectionKing wrote:

Husker is speechless

Bahaha!!! In all seriousness your journey is pretty amazing for 2 months of work....

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