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AD Astra Recovery Services

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AD Astra Recovery Services

I called this company about a week ago to see how I could pay them lower than what was owed on the account. The lady I got was very rude. I told her I wanted to go to the bank to get a loan to consolidate some debt and wanted to know if they would take any less. The lady gave me an amount and I told her that I would need to get with the bank and see if the amount was ok. I never agreed to it because I wasn’t 100%. I hung up and I had to get in touch with the bank. I called a few days later and they said they had already gave me a amount and I had 24 hours to pay it from when I called the first time and because I didn’t pay it they said now they can’t take anything less then the full amount. How can they do this I never agreed nor did I have the money??? So what do I do? Do I need to just wait it out? I spoke to a supervisor and he was super rude to. I explained my situation and he didn’t care one bit. I am a single mom going thru a divorce. My payments to the bank are going to be cheaper then paying them.
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Re: AD Astra Recovery Services

Following because I have a debt owed to them and want to know how to handle them before I call them! 

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