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AFNI Contacts

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AFNI Contacts

Can anyone help?


I've already sent DV and recieved validation.  Debt is a small amount and past SOL but still reportable.  Tried PFD with the Reovery Team email.  No dice... I've seen lots of old threads with contacts sent via PM.  Anyone feeling super nice and willing to help out?


I do plan to send a postal PFD today as well.




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Re: AFNI Contacts

They denied my attempts for a PFD too. However, A GW will most likely work. I also didn't PIF. They have since been deleted off of my reports. Good luck.
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Re: AFNI Contacts

Afni is good about deleting with a GW after full amount is paid.

I have the contact information I used with them if you would like it.

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Re: AFNI Contacts

Can I have this information as well? Please send me a pm thanks!

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Re: AFNI Contacts

Could someone PM this information to me also please.

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Re: AFNI Contacts

Everything I seem to be reading on the boards is that AFNI will not do a PFD, but they will do a GW delete after the account has been settled.  I am about to make a payment with them now for a three year old ATT account ($160), but I am also looking for contact information for ANFI to get a GW delete after PIF.


It's my only derrogatory mark left... and I'm looking forward to getting it off of my report! Smiley Very Happy

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