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AFNI Success!!!!

New Contributor

AFNI Success!!!!

Just hung up with an AFNI rep and requested a PFD over the phone.... the guy at first stated oh we don't do that...I told him that I never received the letter from AFNI prior to it posting on my credit report and it has been longer than 5 days since it reported and still no letter or call.  The guy stated that they mailed it to my old address and I told him I never received and per the CR policy I should have recieved it by now.  He placed me on hold and came back and said ok we can delete based on the fact you did not receive the letter.  They are faxing over my PFD letter as we speak....


FYI...This debt appeared 1 day before I closed on my new home...I was so nervous they would re-pull which thankfully they did not but it tanked my score.  I can't wait to get back into the 660+...Smiley Happy

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