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AFNI success

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AFNI success

After a 3 day battle with them they folded! 


here is the story....


Applied for a mortgage and like most scam collection agencies they come lurking from the depths to f*** your life! Hit me with a t-mobile account that was invalid. I filed a dispute with transunion and after 2 tries it came off i made they however never made an effort to delete experian and equifax. so i since my loan was taking a little longer in uw my credit report needed to be pulled again... would you know they still are reporting. GAME ON!, i called and got no where with their rude staff so i Nuked them, bbb complain ftc complain, laid out all their violations crammed it in a email and sent it.... got this back



Dear Jaron,

Thank you for your inquiry. Afni has investigated your account and during the course of this investigation the decision was made to close this account. This action does not indicate the account was not due and owing, simply that Afni is ceasing collections on the same. If Afni had furnished information regarding your account to the credit reporting agencies a request has been filed with them to remove the information regarding this account from your credit file. If you have further questions a representative of Afni can be reached at 1-866-716-1284


emails were sent to:



if they dont answer back within a hour re send the email. 

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Re: AFNI success


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Re: AFNI success


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Re: AFNI success

Very nice!

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Re: AFNI success

CONGRATS!!! Hmm intresting it looks like the FTC is the agency that get the job done for AFNI. Can you PM the info/violation you used. I have my own and I want to make sure it matches my situation!

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Re: AFNI success

now do your happy dance......

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Re: AFNI success

Nice, Congrats!

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Re: AFNI success

congrats, maybe ill try a different way to attack this?

Have a blessed day! =)
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