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AFNI won't budge

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Re: AFNI won't budge

Thank you for this thread.


Would you care to PM me the info as well please?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: AFNI won't budge

hi I thought I could ask some honest advice please, so I been attacking my credit hard, already got 5 or 6 negative items removed. some were easy others were a little bit harder. well anyways I have a charge from at&t with anfi anderson financial for $194 date of 1st delinquency is 11/07 so almost 5 years old (guess im wondering if i should try & wake a sleeping giant or not lol). do I try to get them to now validate this debt or try for a pfd & should I try to do now or wait till next month when it is officialy a 5 year old debt. ps. I live in IL. 

Have a blessed day! =)
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Re: AFNI won't budge

So i have sent afni a DV & they validated last month, then tryed going to (pfd) settlement got the we don't offer payment for deletion blah, blah, blah, but they offered to settle @ lower amount but just said it would be listed as paid but not deleted. I disputed this with cra's, got Transunion & equifax to delete by some strange luck but experian keeps on verifing account. this account is for $194 & just made sol for IL last month so they can't sue me for it. I just don't see why they won't wanna get some money out of me in exchange for deletion? my back is against the wall & I feel that I have used up all my ace's on this one. What is my next plan of attack? this account was reported to experian may of this year so its new & very damaging on credit report. Do i write them a very nice GW letter & try to make it personal stating I need this off my credit report cause I need to buy a house in 2013 for my wife & 4 kids, blah, blah, blah, lol. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I don't know what else to do here? thanks ron.   Smiley Happy

Have a blessed day! =)
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Re: AFNI won't budge

Why not try and kill them with kindness?  Tell them how you really, really want to pay them, and how you you need the removal.  Put some sugar on it, it's the holdays so throw them some holiday cheer.  Who knows?  Could work.  I believe in Christmas miracles, don't you?

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Re: AFNI won't budge

yea i guess i can try that, what else do i have to lose? or I seen some other options while on this forum like saying that I didn't receive proper notifction before this was placed on my credit reports? Or try to get ahold of someone in corp office, lady named alicia, I do believe.  Smiley Happy

Have a blessed day! =)
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