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Does anyone have an email or a person that I can talk to at AFNI??? I have this account that is on my credit that I have received a letter from the CA that they would delete it but now I am getting letters from the 3 credit companies that they are still active.  I have been told no to call a CA so I don't know what to do now. Smiley Indifferent I am trying to buy a house and this has been the hardest thing ever to deal with.  Please help!!!


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What specifically did this "deletion letter" say?  Was it an agreement to delete if you paid, or was it a statement that they were no longer collecting on the debt, and thus deleting for that reason?


If the debt collector is an assigned agent of the OC, agreements they reach with you are binding on the OC.


Advice never to call a debt collector is not, in my opinion, good advice.  It is impossible to negotiate with anyone without communication.

Just know what to say and what not to admit.  If their is confusion, there is no better way to clear the air than to talk with them.

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It is a statement that they are no longer collection on the debt. 

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They sent me a letter they were going to notify to delete and never did.  They started responding with a bill. 


Fast forward 5 months, I got tired of fooling around.  It was only on EQ.  I sent EQ a copy of the letter.  POOF - gone.  Should have done that months ago.

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I did that to all the credit companies and they sent me a letter back telling me that it had been verified as an active account.

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There giving me the run around too? 

Have a blessed day! =)
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