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AMEX, payment arrangement and Optima card

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AMEX, payment arrangement and Optima card

Well today I was able to make payment arrangements for a 10 year old Amex debt. 

A couple of weeks ago I applied for an Amex card and was denied. Called recon line and was told what was stopping me was this debt.

Amex sent a letter with a payment arrangement of 24 months which i found agreeable terms. Upon further talking with rep I was offered a 6 month agreement and an the opportunity to apply for an AMEX Optima card sooner.This was fine with me!


While some would not bother to even try to pay for an old debt I really would like to use AMEX again. As for the ultimate goal? Since I travel a lot for work I would like to apply for the one of the higher tier cards that has rewards for traveling, companion passes and travel lounges like Delta Skyclub.


Thanks AMEX for giving me another opportunity!!!

Accomplishment done!

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Re: AMEX, payment arrangement and Optima card

I was offered the same opportunity.  I paid the debt in full and then applied for the Delta Skymiles.  I was initially denied and I asked for manual review and was approved on the phone.

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Re: AMEX, payment arrangement and Optima card

Your credit is probably good enough for a regular Amex once you pay the debt.



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Re: AMEX, payment arrangement and Optima card

Update 8/2019

I finalized my last payment under the terms of the payment arrangement on March 2019. I was gonna wait 35 days but waited several months before applying just to make sure. I have been itching to apply for an Amex since I received a special offer via email.


Today I applied for Chase Ink offer on my bank accounts website and was given an approval and SL of $8,000. I figured if this was approved I would hit the button on the AMEX delta platinum. Did the app and was hit with a denial. I called the recon line where they told me that I was denied bc of my past relationship where AMEX cancelled my card. The rep said AMEX does not reconsider app if AMEX cancels card. I in turn stated that I was told by a rep in the collections dep that I was all paid up and was free to apply for an AMEX card. The recon rep placed me on hold for a couple of mins and later came back and said my app status was under review, AMEX may do a hard credit inquiry and did I agree to that. I said of course go right ahead. He placed me on hold, came back with an answer that I should call between 3-5 business days for a responce. I asked if this was normal and he stated that they will review my case. He placed me on hold to type up notes and said when I call back please refer to my old account being paid and that the rep from the collections told me I was clear to apply for any AMEX card bc I wanted to re-establish my relationship w AMEX. So now the wait begins. Have any of you done the 3-5 day wait ad if so what was your outcome?

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