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I like reading threads like this and seeing someone so happy. 

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congrats! thats how i felt when i got mine!





@MommaBear83 wrote:

Hi All! Smiley Happy 

I haven't been here for long as a contributer, but I have been studying these forums for weeks now as I work on rebuilding my credit.

This may not seem like much to most of you but..


**I was just approved for a Capital One $200 secured card with just a $99 deposit!!**


I have burned Capital one a couple of times over my lifetime (once in BK in '04 and a Kohls store card in 2014 that shows as Kohls/CapOne) and I just assumed they wouldnt approve me! I have an opensky card and NFCU that I just got and I was having trouble finding a 3rd card for my 3 cards to start my rebuild. I saw someone suggest a prequalify tool which I did for discover and was not approved and I figured it was better than continuing to add inquiries knowing noone was going to approve me.

I AM SO EXCITED!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


Just a little of my story since i dont have a signature yet..

I am a disabled veteran of 15 years now. I had quite amazing credit by no means of trying when I was 18-21 in the ARMY. since everything was through autopay out of my check my credit was great... well fast forward to being separated due to severe back injury and absolutrly no pay while I waited on VA rating Smiley Sad I ended up having to file for BK in the end of 2004. since then it was an uphill battle tbh... I struggled for basically this whole 15 years while the VA rated me at 20% for 4 years then 70% on my appeal.. then 90% 5 years later and JUST LAST NOVEMBER  I was finally granted 100% P&T! 15 years fighting and suffering.. struggling to make money on side jobs (when I was able) like buying and reselling items from craigslist to ebay.. just a really hard time. this rating of 100% has changed my life and I finally can say that i can pay my bills! Smiley Happy being that I was never taught the importance of credit and I never learned it on my own except through the struggle of paying outrageous prices for everything bc my credit was crap. I have some collections aging on my report that I am working on but I am really going for it! I WILL get to 700+ or die trying!

Thank you ALL for all of the great advice you have contributed on the forums.. they are absolutely invaluable!! God bless!


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@Brian_Earl_Spilner wrote:

@Cleaningitup2016 wrote:

I've had a cap1 card for nearly 3 years and they upped my balance to $500 from my original $250 deposit. They won't PC me to an unsecured card, they won't increase my limit "because it's secured". They don't graduate anymore, at least they told me so.


You should look into getting one with Discover. From what I gather graduation is a bit easier.

Whether or not your secured will graduate is dependent on what the terms were when you applied. They've flip-flopped over the years between graduating and not graduating. Have no idea which one it is right now.

They have flipped flopped so much the reps are constantly misinformed. It was supposed to graduate when I applied, now they are walking back what they said. They told me to app for their unsecured and then they denied me for "too many inquiries". I called them to see if they could change it and they said nope. They are not ran well in that regard.

Credit Card companies have a name for those who pay their bill in full each month: Deadbeats
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