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AR soft pull from EOS-CCA?

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Re: muRe: AR soft pull from EOS-CCA?

injustifiiable wrote:

Jutz wrote:

Quick question guys, what monitoring service are you using where you see soft pulls?  Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place

You're not able to see soft pulls from any CMS usually. I'm only able to see softs from the CRA's websites directly.


Hope that helps.


Anyway, I did get a dunning and sent a DV. I recognize the OC...NCO Financial had it before. I did a DV on them a while ago but never received any validation back from them. Maybe it's some kind of Junk debt?


Likely a junk debt.


I will forward you the PM I sent people for eos-cca. It has the information for them, you can ignore the rest of the PM tho Smiley Wink



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Re: muRe: AR soft pull from EOS-CCA?

Thanks Scott.


It hasn't actually popped up yet but it'll be good to have if/when it does.

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