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Hello everyone I'm new to the platform, I created an account because i've seen many posts on this site about Enhanced Recovery Company and how difficult it is to get derogatory marks off their credit report.  Many people shared ideas and have found solutions but my situation is kind of a unique one and hoping someone has a fix.


In 2018 an collection showed up from ERC on my Experian and Transunion by way of AT&T U-verse.  2020 I called them and settled the debt and thought everything was ok (this is the beginning of my credit building journey before I had the knowledge on PFD unfortunately).  As time goes on, I see that ERC only changed the balance to $0 but wouldnt remove it. I try disputing it with both credit bureau and to my surprise it falls off of Experian score shot up 80 points but it remains on Transunion.  I dispute three more times but the collection remains.  Called ERC multiple times and they won't accept PFD and say they don't own this debt, AT&T still owns the account.  I call AT&T multiple times and they keep sending me back to ERC.  Complained about ERC to the Better Business Bureau and ERC's Lawyers responded immediatley saying they will not remove it and they don't own debt, they are only representing their client AT&T.   It's confusing that it fell off my Experian but i cant get it off TS whatsoever.  I dont really know where to go from here besides hiring professional help which isn't ideal because I've built my Experian and Equifax to the high 700s with no help.  I understand at this point ERC doesnt have to remove this derogatory mark because I verified the collection when i settled the debt. If anyone has any ideas on how I can possibly get this removed and put behind please feel free to drop some gems. Willing to try whatever at this point lol


Thanks guys



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This combo of AT&T and ERC comes up a lot. It may have fallen off because ERC didnt respond in time to EX. With multiple refusals to delete especially from the lawyers. It just may not happen. Going to the BBB for CA complaints wont go anywhere.  ERC did the right thing by showing its paid. You may just have to wait till it falls off.

You can use the search above with "ERC Collections" and you wont see any successes with these 2.

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