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AT&T wireless Forgiveness?????

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AT&T wireless Forgiveness?????

Hi I have a question. I had a Cingular wireless account in 2003 before they merged with AT&T. I failed to pay the bill and it went to collections. In 2007 I tried to open an ATT account and they said I owed them money, which turned out to be the Cingular account coming back to haunt me.  Its now 9 years later and the collection has dropped off my report. I'm wondering if it would be possible to go back to AT&T and try again. Has anyone here ever been successful going back to ATT after a collection??  I'd hate to waste a HP just to be rejected again. Thanks in advance.

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Re: AT&T wireless Forgiveness?????

AT&T will flag old debt for 7 years and attempt to collect during that time. If it's older than 7 years they will not collect, they will simply run your credit.


So yes, it is possible to go back to AT&T after 9 years. You will not be rejected, but you may get a deposit.


At the same token, let's pretend it was less than 7 years old, they would simply ask you to pay the debt and run your credit.They do not hold grudges over old debt less than 7 years, as long as you pay it off.



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Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Thanks for your help!

Time heals "most" wounds.   Should be OK now.  Good Luck.

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