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AU question


AU question

My wife recently added me as an AU to 2 of her cards. A 6k AMEX Delta Gold with 0% util and 10k Cap 1 QS which she was recently approved for. My question is regarding the QS. We recently received the cards (they came in the same envelope), and my wife will be balance transferring $4,600 to take advantage of the 0% apr promotion. Will this recently added AU affect me negatively once the balance transfer happens? Should i just have her remove me before it starts to report or should I stay as a AU (both AU haven't begun to report yet as they are still very new)? I'm currently rebuilding my scores, other things reporting are a student loan in good standing reporting 102% util and a Chase CO that I hope to pay off later this year. I was recently approved for an unsecured Capital One platinum and a secured Discover It which I received in the mail this week and haven't started reporting yet. Thanks

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Re: AU question

Will you be applying for credit anytime soon?

If the answer is yes, the authorized user card will impact FICO score by raising your AU utilization +46%. You'll have to run the numbers to see your aggregate utilization %.

If the answer is no, and balance transfer will be paid off in the alotted time, you don't have to worry about the score impact.

That Cap 1 AU account might aid in utility padding down the road when utilization is reported zero but it's not helping with account age.
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Re: AU question

I don’t think I’ll be applying for any new card for at least a year or so. The balance should be paid off by then. At the moment I’m just looking to hopefully get my discover card unsecured in April when the 7th statement hits and also grow the Cap1 platinum.
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Re: AU question

I would ask to be removed as an AU on that one

for 2 reasons. It is new, so will drop your aging overall. 2 it will start at 46% util


wait until it is paid down below 29% then get added


i don’t add anyone to a BT use card.  

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