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AZEO question

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AZEO question

Good afternoon all, 


first time poster here. Just started my rebuild in October 2019. After not paying attention to my scores for the past five years, I have finally decided to begin rebuilding my credit. My current scores are as follows: 576 Ex, 513 EQ, 508 TU...


I recently opened the following cards:


USAA CC (CL $500) Unsecured/statement cuts on the 26th

Cap one Platinum (CL $300) Unsecured/ statement cuts on the 19th

Discover IT Secured card (CL $400)./ statement cuts on the 16th 


My question to you all is, how do I handle using the AZEO method for maximum score improvement? I'm still trying to understand how to best manage the payoff with the different statement closing dates. Anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Re: AZEO question

Pick a card that will post a balance. Say your $500 USAA card. Use it as you want. Before the statement end date. Pay it down to less than 8.9% before that date. In your case $20 would be fine. Once you see minimun payment due. Thats when you know a new cycle has begun. Pay in full (PIF) before the due date on the following month. Use your other cards as you want. But PIF those 2 cards before statement closing date so $0 reports on statement cut date. Rinse and repaet each month. Welcome to the forums!

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