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About to lose my mind - Equifax!! >_<

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Re: About to lose my mind - Equifax!! >_<

@dragontears wrote:
Different way of thinking about this:
If the account is going to fall off in the next 3 months if you do nothing, why are you putting yourself through this? Are you planning on a mortgage app before then?

I lost points for the updated account. I was fine leaving well enough alone until that happened. Now I won’t stop until it’s gone. I am not going to let them get away with dropping my credit score and making it look like I have been recently delinquent when I haven’t been in over 4 years. No, that’s not going to stand. It’s been incorrect since it was reported in the first place and I discovered the error in the DOFD last year and called the company for the records but decided I was going to just let it fall but now that it’s holding my score down yet again, they’re going to either fix it or remove it. 

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Re: About to lose my mind - Equifax!! >_<

Fair enough, if you want to fight this simply on the principle of it that is your choice.
However, make sure your anger is directed at the correct party, EQ did not update the account the OC did. EQ didn't drop your score or cost you points, you can blame that on the makers of the algorithm. The poor CSR on the phone didn't do anything to you and if you are nasty they have no reason to be helpful.
Since you refuse to send documents in the mail there is going to be a large chance of a phone rep getting information wrong again so expect to deal with more of the frustration you have already gone through.
I hope for you it works out but be prepared for a lot of deep breathing or meditation or what ever is your preferred method of calming down is.
Best of luck
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Re: About to lose my mind - Equifax!! >_<

I wasn’t nasty. I was annoyed and I expressed my frustration in the screw up and I vented the whole ordeal so that the supervisor would understand what has happened. I used to work in customer service and I got so many accolades for my customer service skills that I set a company record for the most received in a year. I know how to speak to reps to get things done. Since the supervisor actually picked up what happened on his own, literally right after pulling up the dispute, I have some faith he did the job that should have been done by the previous representative. 


This is actually Experian’s fault first but Equifax is also at fault for accepting an update that had no new information. The supervisor confirmed that Ford submitted nothing new and that it shouldn’t have been updated to begin with, it should have been discarded per Equifax policy on paid delinquent items. 


Quite frankly the right thing to do would have been to make an exception and give me an early exclusion on it but Ford has a legal obligation to report correct information so worst case scenario, the DOFD should be corrected and by the time the dispute is finished I’ll be in the official EE window and I’ll call and have them delete it. 


Its not that I won’t send anything in the mail, it’s that I refuse to send copies of my drivers license and social security card in the mail. When I have to conduct business by mail I have done it. I don’t like it, especially since I have agoraphobia and dealing with the outside world is a nightmare for me, but I have done it. What I won’t do is put myself at risk of identity theft which is what they are demanding of me. That’s a completely unreasonable demand and it isn’t that hard to come up with a unique identifier to associate my information with my file that doesn’t put me at risk of further problems later. 


I also recorded the phone call today (I live in a single party state where I can record any call that I choose without notifying the other party) so if I have to escalate this situation further, I’m ready to do so but the supervisor I spoke to gave me no reason to believe that I will have to escalate things further with them, the ball is in Ford’s court now. 

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