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Account levied for 20 year old debt

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Re: Account levied for 20 year old debt

Did the law firm contact you as a debt collector (e.g., such as by sending you a standard dunning notice)?they didn’t contact me. I contacted them after they levied my account. Idk what a dunning notice is but I’ve never received any notices or phone calls from them. When I called they said they were a law firm attempting to collect a debt.

Do they now own the debt? Have they reported to any CRA? They didn’t clarify wether or not they owned the debt. They did confirm first premier was there client and they were working on there behalf.

Is the debt, in fact, legit? Do you have any account records showing the history of the debt, including date of first delinquency? It might be my account. To my recollection I paid it but it was so long ago that I don’t remember and I have no proof or records of anything regarding this account.

Has anyone ever, to your knowledge, filed a prior civil complaint on the debt? Absolutely not

What did your bank state was the basis for their honoring a request to levy funds from your account? Any legal documents? They just told me it was a legal levy and by law they had to honor it.
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