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Account updated...better or worse?

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Account updated...better or worse?

This looks worse, but the date is correct now and a will fall off 14 months sooner now, right? It was showing as negative, despite what it says.....


Comenity Bank/LNBRYANT
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Account opened: 11/2007
Description: Account transferred or sold
Charge off account
Credit card
 Previously reportedNewly reported
Past due:$0$0
Status:Pays account as agreedBad Debt; Placed for collection;
Last activity:5/1/20093/1/2008
Description:Account transferred or sold
Account transferred or sold
Charge off account
Credit card
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Re: Account updated...better or worse?

Still a charge off, basically no change.  Did you say it set your DOFD back 14 months?   All I see here is the DOLA,  anyway if it did, that's a big plus!

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